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Missed probation meetings for last two months. What can I do so they won't send me to jail?

Kirkland, WA |
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The first thing you need to do is contact your probation officer. It may be that s/he doesnt want to violate you. But understand that the first rule of probation is meet with your probation officer as required - if you are meeting regularly, the officer will usually be on your side as you deal with your other issues, but you can live a perfect life and still get a probation violation if you arent making your meetings.

And contact the lawyer who handled the case for which you are serving probation. S/he will be familiar with how that court handles probation violations. Expect that s/he (and the court) will want to know if these the first meetings you missed? How many did you miss during the two months, that is, how often are you supposed to be meeting with your probation officer? Do you have proof to support whatever good reason you had for missing the meetings?

Courts want to see that people are trying to be successful on probation. The court will want to hear why you missed meetings. The court will want to know what you were doing that you were supposed to be doing (eg, treatment, finding work, going to school). The court will want to know if you picked up any new offenses. The court will want to know if you brought yourself back into compliance or if you had to be picked up on a warrant.

The courts take DUI's very seriously. It is likely that if you missed more than two meetings, you will get some jail time. It may not make a difference what you have to say because courts take these matters so seriously. Many judges will give less time for violations when the defendant turns him/herself in and if the defendant hasnt had a lot of previous probation violations.

Speak to your lawyer and probation officer.


Your answer would seem to indicate you haven't paid the fines/fees that were due, you have 3 DUIs were lucky enough to get probation and yet haven't been to a scheduled meeting in two months. In Arizona where I practice you would be facing revocation and would be on your way to jail. You need to contact an attorney- immediately following that meeting based on the advice your lawyer gives you you will need to contact the probation officer. Don't delay if they pick you up your situation will be much worse.


Get a hold of your PO and get a lawyer who deals with these issues. Give me a call at 360-647-5251.

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