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Missed Original Arraignment and 2nd Court Date

Los Angeles, CA |

I received a ticket and missed 2 court dates. I was able to schedule a court date for August 2013. However, my license will remain suspended until my August 2013 court date. If I am willing to waive arraignment and plead guilty, can I go to court as a walk-in and be heard prior to August 2013?

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You may be able to do that, but it seems unlikely. I practice in San Mateo County, and here, if you have an outstanding warrant on a misdemeanor, you can go and put yourself on the arraignment calendar in the morning on any monday through thursday to take care of your case. If you have a court date set already, you may not be able to do that, but you really need to go to the clerk's office and ask them if you can advance your court date. They often let attorneys waive arraignment on behalf of their clients and set a pretrial conference date, so they might let you do the same thing. What probably would be better would be to just ask to advance your arraignment to a more convenient time and ask the judge at arraignment to offer you a resolution to the case.

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If this is a speeding ticket you can ask that it be put on calendar and you pay the fine and they will release the hold. Make sure you ask for the hold to be removed.

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Contact the traffic clerk's office and add yourself to calendar if possible. Request that the hold be lifted and that a "pending abstract" be sent to DMV.