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Missed a payment to a debt collector. Received a certified letter (post judgement discovery)

Owensboro, KY |

What should do ? I have the money to make up missed payment and the next payment due. Can they still garnish my wages ?

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If you are talking about post judgment proceedings, you have to convince them to go back to the payment agreement. Creditors commonly curry favor with the judge by offering one chance at a payment plan, and then going ahead with the garnishment if someone falls behind. So yes, they can garnish your wages, and your goal is to provide them with something better. Remember that the garnishment is automatically taken from your checks, so you need to come up with something more.

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Your question is a bit vague so it is tough to understand your exact situation but know that you may still be able to negotiate a settlement to avoid garnishment and my even be able to have the judgment vacated if it was entered by default and you had no notice of it. The creditor would rather agree to a settlement than wait to slowly garnish you most of the time.


Sounds like this could be a judgment debtor examination and they are trying to find out where you work and bank. Yes, they can garnish your wages if you miss the payment and don't have to accept anything less than what they would get on a garnishment. I would try calling the attorney's office see if you can get this matter resolved and your payments made current.

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