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Missed a Interlock rolling retest.

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My boyfriend has a Interlock for a second DUI 9 years apart . The other day he locked his keys in his car with the car running . I was bringing up his extra key but live a half hour away . When I got there he blew and it passed but he missed a rolling retest . What could happen to his license . This Friday he is to take his car in ( a week after the event ) to get the Interlock looked at or downloaded ?

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The failure to take a rolling retest is considered to be a major vioation by the DAAD and they will reinstate his revocation. He has the right to request a hearing on this, though, and the hearing officer does have authority to give him his restricted license back. So, he should request this hearing.
What he should do now (I mean NOW) is to get an ETG test taken. That will establish to DAAD that he wasn't drinking. Next he should assemble all witnesses, including you, who can back up the fact that he was locked out.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Cy M. Abdo

Cy M. Abdo


Excellent advice by Mr. Dodge to get an ETG. If you wait too long though, it will be irrelevant.


Get a lawyer to request a hearing and submit supporting evidence with the request. Some of these have been resolved by our office without a hearing when the evidence is strong and there is no indication of alcohol consumption or an intentional attempt to thwart the interlock device. The DAAD has been erratic on these incidents though. A lawyer will tag all of the bases to avoid leaving any questions about your integrity. Our results have been very good in these rolling re-test violation situations where there are other tests before and after which registered 0.0. A few of our cases involved cars that were in service for repairs as well.

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