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Misrepresentation by lawyer

Downey, CA |

My girlfriend was rear ended last year and was injured along with her 16 yr old daughter. They hired Larry H. Parker and was never seen with any lawyers in that firm. After 15 months they told her they were going to refer her to another attorney. She could never reach anyone at the law firm and they would never return phone calls. She was out of work for a month, went back to part time after that and still suffers from headaches she didnt have before the accident. What can she do? She was never properly represented by the lawyer or his staff. What rights does she have?

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Your girlfriend likely should quickly find another attorney before her right to sue the other driver expires. My understanding is that in CA, the statute of limitations for actions on personal injuries is 2 years. The daughter's may have a longer time because she is a minor. Your girlfriend should consult and verify with an attorney licensed in the state where the accident occurred.

Attorneys are licensed and regulated by some agency. Attorneys have a code of ethics by which they must abide. The agency in CA is the California State Bar. The webpage for filing a complaint is: .

It is free to file a complaint. Whether your girlfriend will see any disciplinary actions against the attorneys depends on her facts.

Before filing a complaint, your girlfriend likely should take care of her injury claim lest her rights to sue expire.


Attorney Nguyen is right. Do you still need a lawyer? My office is in Bellflower so I am close. If you still need legal represention, or have any unanswered questions, I would be happy to speak with you.

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