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Misdemeanor possession. problems with probation. is there any thing i can do?

Douglasville, GA |

I am currently on probation for misdemeanor possession and i have been on probation for four months. i have completed my community service and paid over half my fine. the only thing i have left to do is SHARP program and i have made three appoitments thus far to meet with the doctor to get enrolled in the program. i missed the previous two appoitnments due to trips to the ER. my probationer was not happy with this fact and issued a warrent for my arrest. as far as i know i have not violated my probation and i have been doing the best i can to get it done and over with, this is the first time i have ever been on probation in my life. Any advice?

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When you go in front of the judge make sure you have plenty of documentation showing that you were in the ER, and that's why you couldn't make it to the program. Also, if you are now enrolled in the program be sure to bring that documentation with you to show the judge as well. Your probation officer is going to make it sound like you were just blowing it off so it is very important to have everything documented so you can show the judge that you were taking everything seriously, but an unfortunate set of medical circumstances stood on your way.

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