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Misdemeanor Petty theft charge almost 7 years ago and obtaining medical license for resident physician (intern = 1st year) ?

Lincoln, NE |

Had a petty theft charge related to vending machines. Charge was ultimately- Dropped -and case was -Dismissed- secondary to fulfilling agreement with DA. Never was arrested or booked, never plead, never convicted. On dispo it says "Case action report: No Information...has dropped all charges due to completed deferred prosecution.

I was eligible for expungement and had that done about 2 years ago, Did some background checks personally and obtained FBI record, all show no criminal record.
It was a big mistake and I learned from it instantly and have not been in any trouble since the incident about 7 years ago.

Would I run into any delays/trouble obtaining my temporary medical license in Nebraska, Grew up there, have family there and am hoping to obtain a position there in the future.

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Those of us who hand criminal defense matters can only speculate on the answer to your question. You need to address this question to an administrative law attorney who handles licensing matters.


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