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Misdemeanor PC 484G. which is theft by use of access card information. Can somebody tell the possible consequence?

Manteca, CA |

I am full time student in a college. At the beginning of the semester, I made a big mistake that I never did, I have no any recorder before this time, I use somebody else's card to pay my tuition, and the amount is $750, I was arrested. The college returned the money to the owner,and I paid the tuition by myself. Then the case is Misdemeanor PC 484G. Can anyone tell me what's the possible result? Please help me,thank you very much!

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The maximum for that charge, PC 484g as a misdemeanor, is 180 days in County Jail. It is hard to predict what the outcome in your case will be without more details. Prosecutors typically look at the sophistication of the alleged offense, here may not be all on your side, and the defendant's criminal history, which sounds pretty good. These theft charges are priorable, meaning the more convictions you get, the harsher the penalty, and a fourth theft can be charged as a felony. Consult with an attorney to minimize the impact of this case on your future.


The maximum is 180 days in jail. However, it appears the amount of the loss has been repaid. Similar matters have been dismissed, it's difficult but not impossible to have this matter dismissed. I suggest contacting an experienced attorney to review the facts and develop a strategy. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation. I wish you the best.

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Up to 180 days in county jail. Get a lawyer.