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Misdemeanor is supposed to be dismissed

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According to the Assistant States Attorney my case is supposed to be dismissed. I was informed of this on the 15th the day after my case was set for a non jury trial. The reason for the dismissal is that the victim got in touch with the A.S.A and made it clear that they didn't want me to be prosecuted. Like I said this was the 15th and as far as the courts website says it is still an open case. Is this just cause of slow government and not updating the site, or could the A..S.A actually lie?

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The prosecutor wouldn't lie about dismissing a case. It is more likely that the computer system has not been updated. Contact the clerk of courts with your case number and request a certified copy of the dismissal. Since the charge was dismissed, you may want to look into having the case sealed or expunged. Contact an attorney to assist you in this process.

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Very likely slow government because assistant state attorneys have no reason to lie and it is just not done around here. However, it bothers me when people charged with crimes start talking to the state attorney's office. Not smart. If you want to check on something either talk to the clerk of the court or have a lawyer talk to the state for you. DO NOT TALK to state attorneys or police officers.


Slow system.

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