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Misdemeanor expungement ordinance violation.

Charlotte, NC |

I found out 7 years ago that I have a misdemeanor on my record for a noise ordinance violation. It was when I was 18 and in my car. I paid the fine for $50 a never thought twice about it. I only found out when I applied for a job at a bank and put answered no to ever being convicted. I was told that I did have one (still got the the job offer but HR was nice enough to inform me).

I'm not sure how this affects me now that I'm back on the job market and I'm marking the box with yes. I have a clean record with the exception and would like to remove it if possible.

Is expungement a possibility (or asking to have it reopened and dismissed).

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Attorney answers 1


Hello there,

I seriously doubt this will affect you ability to get or maintain a job since this is a the level of a traffic citation.

Employers are interested in arrests and convictions not traffic citations.


Erick Platten