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Misdemeanor, could I still work as a cna. If I have a misdemeanor? Also could I still get fasa and become a nurse?

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I just got myCNA. But I have a charge of a misdeanor could I still work? Also could I become a nurse and still get fasa? I have atheft charge class A Misdemeanor, but was dismissed this year? What could I do where would I have a chance?we all make mistake and learn from them?

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There are many reasons you may have your licenses suspended or revoked. The main concern is the health and welfare of the public. However, in certain cases, such as crimes of violence, substance abuse and domesitc abuse, the Board becomes more concerned. Hence, it depends on the reason you received the misdemeanor charge.


If your misdemeanor theft charge was dismissed, it may not even be a factor. Usually the employer or licensing agency is looking for prior convictions on issues related to the job. A felony breaking and entering of a pharmacy for drugs - forget health related work until you have several years of no convictions or even arrests. Misdemeanor shoplifting conviction, possible problem depending on the license. Lying about either, big problem. Your licensing agencies could tell you the rules, or you can consult a lawyer who specializes in health law.

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