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Misdemeanor , selling Alcohol to minor -first misdemeanor

Orange, CA |

I work in c-store, and there was a sting operation in my area, orange county, CA..
I did check ID, but missed by one number and long story short, I got cited for misdemeanor..

my question is, for first time , fine is $250 or $1,000??? secondly, can i offer them to do community service instead of staying on my record or fine?please let me know..

I dont have anyother felony or misdemeanor on my record

they can suspend my driving license upto 1 year or just fine and community service?

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Your case should be examine in three ways: do you have any factual defenses, legal defenses or mitigation?

Sometimes these stings can give you an entrapment defense. You could also have other factual defenses, depending on the facts.

An finally - there may be ways to try and work something out to avoid a long-lasting consequence. Unfortunately, it's not a do-it-yourself project. You're looking at misdemeanor charges. It's time for a lawyer - either one you hire or if you financially qualify, a public defender appointed by the court.


Orange County is tough, but not understanding at times. You definitely need a lawyer -- either a PD (who can be great) or a good private attorney who knows that court. You don't want a misdemeanor on your record, and the Court won't want to waste a jury on a case like this. So get a private or public lawyer, have a handful of character letters ready along with proof that you work, and prepare to beg for a diversion. Otherwise, fight it -- you won't get punished worse by a judge if you are convicted, and there very well may be the one juror you need who will think it was entrapment, or simply not you.

Sorry this happend. Good luck. Feel free to call.


If this is a first offense you have a better chance of cutting a deal. It is important you have an attorney who is familar with the judges and D.A.s office so you have a better chance of knowing what to expect and what stage of the proceeding to best resolve the case.

Any answer to questions is not meant to be con screwed as legal advise and no attorney client relationship has formed. In order for an attorney to give legal advise, The attorney would need to have an opportunity to ask specific questions from a full and complete disclosure of the underlying facts involved in the question asked.


The minimum is $1,000 plus 24 hours of community service.