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I was arrested for a Misdemeanor in California and the case was DISMISSED via PC1385 without any conviction probation or fine.

Since that after finishing college i have moved to Texas and now going to apply for Jobs.

My question is what is the best legal remedy available to me here in Texas to reduce the effect of that brush with law enforcement?

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There is no remedy for you in Texas. If that case can be expunged / removed from your record, it must be done in California. States only have control over their own cases.

You should contact a lawyer in the city in which you were prosecuted and see if you can expunge your record. It is worth the investment.

Cynthia Henley


Contact a California defense attorney about expunging the case from your record. Texas courts have no jurisdiction over the case, so a Texas attorney can't do anything for you.

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You can only expunge Texas arrests in Texas. You need to talk to an experienced criminal attorney in California to advise you. Good Luck.


Keep in mind that a standard criminal history search run through Texas Department of Public Safety will likely not reveal the charge in California.

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