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Miscarried a baby, and ex is suing me for slander/libel claiming it wasn't his. How do I defend myself?

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He was happy and supportive and shared the news that I was pregnant. I later discovered he was married, I dumped him and I suffered a miscarriage. I had no contact with him after that. He told his wife about the baby, and she mailed me pictures from an abortion clinic. Now, I learn that he wants to sue me for libel/slander. How can I defend myself when I cant prove the baby was his?

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SInce the child was not born the putative father is irrelevant. Stay away from him and his wife. Hopefully by not responding they will stop. If they do not stop, then consider an order of protection. Consult with a local family law attorney.

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Truth is a complete defense to a defamation claim.


I think I'd worry more about getting mugged in Brooklyn than I would about being sued by this turkey. Forget about it. If and when you get sued, then repost with specific questions. He's barking. Wait until he bites. But having said all this, MAKE SURE you have no further contact with him or his wife. If you have any further contact with them, you will be asking for trouble. Good luck!

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