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Minor with two speeding

Warrenton, VA |

I am a 17 year old male in Virginia I got a speeding ticket in August and go to court next week. Then..i get another ticket yesterday, Both were in places where the speed goes down quickly from rural to residential. Should i get a lawyer? Will the judge take my license

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I would get a lawyer. 1) check to make sure that you are charged with speeding and not reckless driving by speed. Reckless by speed is a criminal offense with possiable jail time and can happen anytime we drive over 80 or more than 20 mph over the limit. 2) the DMV, not the judge, will suspend your license for 90 days and you will have to take a class to get it back after your second conviction. 3) your insurance may increase (perhaps double) for the next three years. 4) the tickets will cost about $120 each after fines plus court cost.

I do alot of speeding cases so feel free to give a call if you have any questions.

Luke J Nichols
Spectrum Legal Defense
(703) 383-9222

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