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Minor/Juvenile in Texas arrested for drug charges and not read miranda rights. What can I do now?

Houston, TX |

A Minor/Juvenile was arrested at school. Not during; but after class was over for the day, for the charge of possesion of marajuana (How much (exactly) is considered a useable amount in Texas to be arrested? I believe it was NOT a useable amount.), and taken not downtown; but at the district's police office. The Minor/Juvenile was then questioned without parent/guardian/representation, placed in holding for two hours while not being allowed to contact parent/guardian/representation, and was not read the miranda rights during said arrest. What can I do now? What am I allowed to do? Where should I ask for help? Please anything will help and PLEASE don't hesitate to ask questions and for more details. Thank you so very much.

The Minor/Juvenile was let go to the parent and is currently waiting for a court date. The Minor/Juvenile has not been given a drug text; but will come out negative for marajuana if tested. Currently the school is going to send the Minor/Juvenile to an alternative campus tomorrow for the last six days of school and the first thirty-nine days next school year. Is there any way I can prevent this?

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The amount has to be VERY minute for a court to determine it to not be a useable amount. Miranda applies to statements made after the minor is in custody. It is very important that you hire an criminal defense lawyer with a strong reputation ASAP.