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Minor dui dismissed. Can i get my license back?

Fairfield, CA |

I was 17 when i got my dui. When i went to court the judge told me if i finished the dui first offenders classes in 6 months it will be dismissed. Once it's dismissed can i get my license back?

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It depends. The DMV should have also conducted an Administrative Per Se Hearing. If you failed to win that hearing, then your license will be suspended for 1 year, no matter what happens on the court side. You can however, apply for a "critical need" driving permit through the DMV no matter what happens. Find a good local DUI attorney in your area that can assist you with this. California DUI Lawyers Association is the best place to find a DUI attorney in CA.


When you were arrested for the DUI, were you given an temporary license. If so, did you contact DMV within 10 days and request a hearing. These questions are critical to whether or not your license can be reinstated without a request for a "critical need" restriction.
If you did not request a hearing, there is most likely a suspension in effect on your license that was imposed, not by the court, but by the DMV regardless of court action. If this is the case, you will need to request the restriction described by Aaron Hicks - critical need restriction.


Both of the above answers are correct, and assume the same that I would. You should contact the DMV and see how long the suspension is in effect for. If you're already on a suspension, your only option would be to apply for a "critical need" to get the license back anytime soon. The DMV suspension is separate from what the court would do.