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Minor back aches because my friend collapsed on me, our friendship fell off and Im thinking of suing him.

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I developed a friendship with a retired engineer and we had a great bondage but he also developed a bad drinking and drug problem. We took a trip to Seattle and there he got drunk and collapsed full on me that I needed help to sit him down, and then on our way to the taxi he lost balanced and fell toward me once again. Since then I have had lower back aches that have not gone away and it has been around 3 months since. He ended up going to rehab to control his drinking and his attitude also changed to the point that we have fallen out and now are no longer friends Im so disappointed and Im thinking of suing him for injurying my back eventhough I still need to see a doctor. How much can I sue him for?

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Sit down with an attorney to determine if you even gave grounds to sue--as part if the discussion the issue if your damages will arise. On the facts you posted, its not clear if you could 'win' such a suit or have any damages to claim that could be tied to the incident.

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Contact a personal injury attorney in your area for a consultation. This is not the type of question that can be answered on the AVVO site.

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