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Military PIP!

Lemoore, CA |

I applied for the Military Parole In Place through my husband. We sent in a packet with a few things we were instructed to send. They, in turn, sent me to get my fingerprints done. Then today, I received a letter in the mail that contained a cardstock card with my passport photo (one of the things I sent in the packet) and it also had a big red stamp on it from Homeland Security stating I was paroled for the purpose of MFM PIP until next March. The card says CBP Form I-94 on the bottom right corner. I am just wondering two things. ONE: Can I travel inside the continental US with this I-94. And TWO: What is the next step? I am just so confused and need answers because the USCIS military helpline was of no use.

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Congratulations! Receiving that I-94 is quite a victory. The next step is to file for your green card with Form I-485. AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) has a good military assistance program, if you'd like to fine a pro bono attorney to assist you.
Do not travel outside of the US with the I-94. Wait to leave the US until you have your green card.

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1. Yes
2. Your spouse petitions you.

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So I CAN travel in the US?I'm just wondering because my husband wants me to fly out to Michigan and be with his family while he is deployed. We just want to be sure that there will be no trouble with me flying/traveling there.


I agree your Parole in Place is a great step in the right direction. You need an excellent immigration attorney now to assist you with your adjustment packet. It is very important to get help immediately and don't wait. Seek someone in your area who is excellent, be sure to get someone with experience or search Avvo. Very important to do it right and don't try to do it on your own. Best of luck.

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