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Military Discharge during Reception battalion.

Cleveland, OH |

My friend went to reception first week of July 2013. My friend got discharged and signed Early Separation papers and just a few days ago Stop of pay papers.

My friend said that they were off to "delta" today.

It sounds like it's another base to prepare to go home. They told me they would be without a phone for a few days. How long do they usually have until they actually fly home from "delta". If she went today( Tuesday 30th) could she be home by Friday(August 2nd)? Or would Monday(5th) or Tuesday(6th) of next week to be more realistic? I figured they don't fly home on weekends. I want to request days off of work but I have to do that early in the week.

Thanks and god bless

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There is no way to predict. It involves manpower issues and every base is different.

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No way to guesstimate?


If your friend was discharged--she'd be out already with no obligations.

Sounds like she is not discharged but has been rotated into a group of other servicemembers at bootcamp (or training school) awaiting discharge. No way to tell. She might have medial or legal 'holds' that could have her in a hold status for weeks or months--but that is pure speculation.

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No way to say for certain. She may be in a holding platoon pending discharge. Feel free to give me a call to discuss the specifics. You can find my number on my website. Best of luck.

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