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Military breach of contract

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My military contract states that i sign up for 6 years and successfully complete A school, power school and prototype, and i receive the remaining of my bonus. I kept my end of the bargain and graduated prototype in Feb. They gave me a small portion of what they were supposed too.16000. Now they are telling me since i signed in august but couldn't get in til November they are paying me Novembers enlistment. That's NOT what i was promised. Is this a breach of my contract? I talked to JAG and they were not able to help. What can i do?

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Take the military contract to a former JAG officer. I would do a google search to find someone that has that experience. It is always a difficult thing suing the government (most of the time you can't) but if you have a contract, both parties should abide by it. Best of luck.

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Would i be able to get out because of it? If they are only going to pay me for 1/3 of my time then i only wanna give them just that. It seems the find a new way to screw me everyday and i deserve to get the money i was promised.

Chad Thomas Van Horn

Chad Thomas Van Horn


I completely agree with you. If they breached the contract that could relieve you of your obligations, but once again I would meet with an attorney that works with governmental contracts.

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