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Migrated disposition? F3? Bench warrant?

Pittsburgh, PA |

A family member was charged in 1995 with 1 count M3, 3 counts F3 (Unlawful use) 6 counts F3 forgery, bench warrant issued with status of migrated disposition. What does that mean? Is there a statute of limitations? She's been on the run for years, if we find her, do we turn her in? Whats the penalty for those charges?

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Not nearly enough information to answer the question about penalties, but the question itself is premature. A Defendant has to be convicted before penalties becomes a real issue. The first effort should be to prepare an effective defense to the charges. Without knowing more I likewise can't advise either you or her. The statute of limitations has no application since the prosecution was commenced and there are outstanding warrants. Theoretically there could be other issues related to the passage of time but much more information is required. Speaking privately with counsel is a better course to follow at this point. Post not further details about the underlying circumstances. Feel free to call.
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Your family member is charged with a felony. There is no applicable statute of limitations and the case is not going away. She needs to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney and finally address the case. A lot can be done to protect her.


Since it appears that the charges have been filed the Commonwealth has met its burden with regard to the statute. Your family member being a fugitive does not result in her being able to take advantage of the Commonwealth not being able to find her. Whether you turn her in or not is your decision, but keep two things in mind. She will eventually be caught, perhaps not today this month or this year but even something as simple as a traffic ticket could get her locked up. Most importantly you should know that if you assist her in hiding from law enforcement you could be charged with a crime.

This information does not create an attorney /client relationship and should not be use or relied upon to make any decision in your case. Only consultation with your own attorney can provide you with the advice you need for your case.

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