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I wonder what is the method of processing the backlogged asylum cases, if the priority is always given to the new filed and rescheduled cases. I am just doing simple calculation, and it seems to me that the backlogged cases will never get scheduled for interviews. For example, if the asylum office received 1.000 cases per month, but is able to conduct only 500 interviews per month, and the priority is always given to new filed and rescheduled cases, it means, that the rest of cases will go to backlog and will never have priority to get scheduled. So my question is the following: how are the cases in the backlog being scheduled for interviews, if the priority is always given to new cases and the asylum office receives more cases each month that it can handle? Thank you

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Generally speaking, asylum cases are processed in the order in which they are received (e.g. FIFO - FIrst in FIrst Out), not LIFO (Last in FIrst Out). Note that I said processed, not necessarily interviewed.

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You may have misunderstood. Generally, asylum cases are filed in the order received. Sometimes it does seem like something of a mystery though since there is less transparency since the govt. is more careful about protecting the information of asylum seekers.


They processed on first come first serve basis.