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Mesothelioma/ asbesteos exposure

Albany, NY |

I have worked in the public sector for the last 30 years or so The building I work in has asbesteos insulation and has a closed ventilation system Just found out my log time desk partner who died in November suddenly and the autopsy showed it due to mesothelioma

I know her family has a cause of action but do her coworkers who are asymptomatic

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You don't have a cause of action for simply being exposed to asbestos, and let's hope you don't, have a cause of action for being exposed to asbestos. Many people are exposed to asbestos but never develop an illness. You and your coworkers though should absolutely have chest x-rays and a full evaluation by a pulmonologist.

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Everyone exposed should speak with an attorney immediately.

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This is scary news and should be viewed by the employees and employer seriously. At the very least, this should prompt people who have worked in the building to have medical check-ups done. A complicated legal analysis of facts and causation must be done to determine if anyone has a cause of action.

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