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Meritorious claims

New York, NY |

i sent a letter to the NYC bar association asking them to take my custody case because i cant afford to be my lawyer any more.
I already paid him 4000 dollars and my balance right now is $6500.
well they sent me a letter and they told me that they cant take my case because may i have MERITORIOUS CLAIMS and i dont understand that
Please any help

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Filed under: Child custody
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I would guess the letter said that it sounded as if you may have a "MERITORIOUS CLAIM" -- which means that your case has merit -- it is a valid case. For that reason they probably suggested you continue to seek legal assistance. You may have better luck with a legal aid, if you qualify. Check out a service like

Custody cases are difficult and because if this fact they do cost quite a bit, as I assume you are now well aware. Consider making arrangements with your current attorney and explain your situation -- he may be able to offer assistance.

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