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Members of my political action group have been getting death threats. how far does this have to go before i can do something

Salt Lake City, UT |

I am in the n.r.a. we are getting public death threats for n.r.a.members? No one has threatened
me by name. can i do anything?>

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If there is a specific threat, report it to the police.

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General threats of violence are far less actionable that specific threats to a specific person, which should be reported to law enforcement.

The much larger issue, and you can't pretend to be oblivious to this, is the public policy position announced by your leaders. Many people who do not value a civil discussion of policy choices find logic in a violent end to NRA members for the sole reason that it appears the NRA thinks a violent end is OK for others.

What can be done? Maybe a mass resignation of NRA members will cause your leaders to rethink the disastrous policies they announced this weekend.

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Contact the police if there is a reasonable threat.

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