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Meeting with clients

Atlanta, GA |

How do you do a meeting with clients?

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Could you re-post your question with more specificity? It is hard to understand what you are asking. Most lawyers are more than happy to meet with clients (or potential clients) at their office.


This question is almost too general to answer. Meetings between attorneys and clients can take almost any shape and form, at any time, and in any location. Some meetings can be face to face at the lawyer's office, the client's home, or some neutral site like a restaurant. Some meetings can take place during a normal work day or before or after hours. Some meetings can be done by telephone conference or video conference, or Internet chat. Think of any way two people can communicate and that his how an attorney and client can meet! :^)


Here is an example of what I do when I meet a prospective client- I offer an initial free hour in person consulation with me. I usually tell a little about my background, our frims background, our ethical duty regarding confidentiality; ask them what brought them to us and how we can be of help and then I pay keen attention to them and listen. The time goes quickly. I then provide an assessment and we go from there- basically two people talking. We also provide great water since our coffee is bad we will go and get Starbucks depending on the time of day. And so it goes...

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