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Meeting the condition for annulment of marriage in Illinois

Chicago, IL |

I am an immigrant to the US and got married in Illinois last year. Recently, I learned that my family in my home country, following our cultural traditions, had already contracted a marriage on my behalf even before my marriage here in the US. I have agreed with my wife here in the US that the best course of action is to annul our marriage while I seek resolution to the cultural implications of the earlier marriage since it poses a major danger to unity in my family and prospects of success in my current marriage. Does this condition satisfy the criteria of bigamy for annulment of marriage in Illinois? Note: there is no cultural requirement that I consent to the earlier marriage, which is binding in my home country. Thanks!

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I have been a practicing divorce lawyer in Illinois for 46 years and I have never heard a question like yours and I doubt if there is any case law on point.

My guess is that you do not qualify for an annulment because of bigamy. You did not actually marry anyone in your home country, someone else "married" you without your knowing it. This cannot be determinative of your Illinois marital status.