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Medical Records falsified by E.R. nurse.

Waynesville, OH |

I went to the ER with a (collapsed lung). This is the 2nd time I have had this, and am well aware of how serious it is. The ER doc.put the chest tube in. While talking with my husband, the chest tube fell out. I told my husband to get someone quickly, as I covered the wound. He immediately called for help. The original nurse came in and placed his hand over it as well. During a follow up, it was mentioned that an ER nurse said she came in and saw the tube on the floor. She also stated that she asked why I didn't call for help, and that I responded that I did not want to bother the staff. This is all blatantly false. The second chest tube tore through breast tissue. There was also the tip of a glove left in the wound. I am considering an attorney. Any advice?

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Filed under: Medical malpractice
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You should contact an attorney, preferably an expert in medical malpractice who has doctors or nurses on staff. Whether or not they can help you will depend on whether or not any damages have resulted from the misconduct.

Our firm does not do this type of work, but we know of quality firms with whom you may wish to consult and would be glad to make a referral.

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