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Medical negligence; substandard care; total indifference?

Raleigh, NC |

My husband Steve age 61 has a significant history for coronary artery disease; had a heart attack 14 years ago followed by bypass surgery.
He has seen the same PCP/Pulmonary Dr since that time who is very familiar with his history.
Steve also only has one lung for the past 20 years. Recently Steve did not feel well at all and made 2 trips to this Dr's office with complaints trying to get help. I went with him the second time and heard the Dr say this could be cardiac related.
No testing was done, no EKG, no bloodwork. We were sent to a gastroenterologist who honestly said he was not sure why we were sent to him. The symptoms relayed to the PCP were Dizziness, weakness, distended and painful stomach; a documented heart rate of 44 at this Dr’s office. No EKG done.
After taking my husband to the ER at REX Hospital in Raleigh we found out he had been in Complete Heart Block at the time and needed a pacemaker put in. To further complicate matters my husband’s one lung filled up with fluid and he went into heart failure. He is now recovering at home and doing well. All though the end results would have remained the same our concern is that there was no diagnosis even close to the problem; and the Dr never took the time to test for heart issues knowing the significant history there. If we had not gone to the ER and had waited for the symptoms to run it's course as suggested I am certain my husband would have died. There was no standard of care for him. Do we have any recourse at all?

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I am glad he is doing well. Hoewver, that is the first thing that would probably lead to a decline of the case by mostt practitioners. No harm = no foul. While that is not really true, there has to be signficant permanent injury which would create significant value to pursue the case. I am not sure there was even a deviation, but even assuming that, I see that you probably will just be counting your blessings that he is still with you.


It certainly sounds like poor care, but if he's ultimately no worse off than he would have been otherwise, you really don't have a case. Can't sue for what might have been. Glad to hear he's on the mend. Good luck


Unfortunately I do not know if you have a good case, but it's not promising. Very glad he is doing ok though. That's obviously most important.

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A lawsuit would likely cost more than would be recovered.

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