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Medical malpractice/ perscription error

Warsaw, MO |

Family doctor put me on several medications that the combination was apparently not good for a person with asthma and previous seizure history( had been off meds for seizures for 23 years) however it was in file and I always remind them because there are some medicines that make you more acceptable to seizures. Had to go see neurologist, he did tests and started taking me off meds. I was walking around in a daze and jerking so hard in my sleep I was waking my husband up. I still twitch some even during the day. Here is the list....from December 2010 to May 2011. Some of these slow breathing which is bad for asthma
Cryselle, Advair,Carisoprodol 350 mg (3 times a day) , Ibuprofren 800 mg tab,Amitriptylin 25 mg, Fentanyl pain patch (for back), Ventolin, singulair 10 mg, sertraline , Tramad

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I am not a Dr., so I cannot tell you whether or not these drugs interacted in such a way to cause your symptoms. It sounds as if you have a very complicated medical prognosis and the interactions for these drugs and your conditions are likely very complicated. If you are receiving his medications at a single pharmacy, there may be some culpability for them if they knew or should have known that these drugs interacted. Oftentimes, the pharmacist is the last chance patience have to have dangerous drug interactions prevented particularly when the patient is being seen by multiple doctors under different specialties. This can only occur if all of the medications are being sent to a single pharmacy. You will have to consult with a lawyer in your area to determine if you have a case.

David B. Snyder, Esq.
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Mr. Snyder is licensed to practice in New York and practices Medical Malpractice Plaintiff’s work in Syracuse; he cannot offer legal advice in other states. This answer is meant to be a public service and not an attempt to solicit business. Moreover, my answer cannot be considered a legal opinion of your case / inquiry. Unless I am retained in a matter and have completed a full investigation of the underlying facts and law, I cannot give an opinion on which to rely. Furthermore, unless your matter concerns New York law, I am not licensed to practice or give specific legal advice in your state.


If the question is whether you have a case, it depends on whether the doctor violated the standard of care-you would need to have the records reviewed by a malpractice attorney near you. If you don't have a permanent injury, this may be too expensive to pursue. Consult a lawyer near you. Use the 'Find a Lawyer' tab on this page to find one.


A local med mal/personal injury lawyer would need to investigate.

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