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Medical bills. How can I file a complaint on Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago?

Chicago, IL |

Back in January I received bills for my treatment. I went to their office to pay the bills and verify that that amount was final. The cashier told me that the amount (I was about to pay) was final. She said that: "after you pay it, you will not owe anything else." So I paid it, but surprise-surprise the next month I received new bills. I specifically asked whether the bill was final, and still got "fooled". Then, I went there again, and as it usually happens...nobody knows anything...I got passed like a football from one office to another...from one telephone operator to another...I requested them to provide me with the TRULY FINAL BILL that would say that: "On this day, Mr...owes us $...And after he pays that amount, he will no longer owe us anything..." But they rejected to provide it.

I still keep receiving the bills with very parsimonious descriptions and completely random numbers... I had regular allergies, i.e. very simple sickness...there simply cannot be that many bills. I do not know how much I owe them...and they are not willing to tell me. Please, help me...How can I defend my rights. Can I request them to provide a document that would say: "We officially reject to provide you with a final bill"... I don't know what to do...(PS: my insurance does not cover allergies).

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Write a complaint letter right to the billing department.



billing department of the hospital? I thought I could file a complaint on some .gov website...I already talked to the billing department on the phone, it was not helpful


Write them a short and simple letter about this. Deny whatever you think you do not owe. If they sue you then that is part of your defense.

If the number is high enough you might wish to offer to settle the charges with an accord and satisfaction check. Then the letter you already sent will be the bona fide dispute that the settlement is premised upon when you later make it.

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