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Mediation settlement it is stipulated Holidays/Summer vacations and the holidays are individually separated do they intertwine?

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In the mediation settlement it stipulates that if there is conflict or overlapping in summer vacation weeks which parent has precedence by year. My wife's ex husband has precedence this year, but it is my wife's turn to have her daughter for the 4th of July holiday based on the individually separated holiday schedule. The ex husband is claiming since it is during his vacation week he still has precedence. Do we have grounds to pursue this matter any further,

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If I understand you correctly, both your wife and her ex-husband agree that he has precedence this year, and therefore his summer vacation time trumps your wife's 4th of July. And the ex-husband is demanding that he be entitled to that which is stated in the order, which again you both agree that it is his year of precedence. Am I missing something? I'm trying to see where your wife would think she has any grounds to pursue anything.

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Yes, you always have the right to have judicial intervention where there are visitation disputes. But why can't it be worked out between the parties? Try to come to a compromise based on the best interests of the child. This is exactly what the court's would do.