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Me and my wife received a wrongful death settlement and we gifted out about one million dollars of it to family and friends.

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Are we liable to pay taxes on gifted money.

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This is a question for a tax atty, estate planning atty, or CPA. You need to talk to someone in your state familiar with both state and federal laws on this. Usually it depends upon how much you give in any specific year, what relation the person is, and whether it is to apply against the estate exemption applicable to inheritance taxes.


A tax attorney or CPA is in the best position to answer this question. Factors to consider are each amount given, to whom they were given and over what time frame I.e. lump sum.

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Speak to your CPA. This question is outside the scope for a personal Injutry attorney.


The gift taxable. However, you and your wife each have a $5 Million exclusion over your lifetime. As long as you do not exceed that, you will not owe any tax.

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Generally, those receiving the gifts are liable. The giftee must claim it as ascension to wealth (gross income), and the giftor doesn't do anything.

The settlement receivors are liable for their ascension to wealth ($1m) under normal income rules and the family/friends are liable under gift rules (there are particular rules for children/grandchildren).

Consult a tax/estate planning attorney or CPA, though. Tax is a uniquely complicated field.

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You and your wife each have an annual gift allowance of, $13,000.00 to anyone and as many as you choose. You really should hire a CPA or tax attorney for more details.

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