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Me and a friend got caught stealing from walmart.. advice please

Metairie, LA |

We got caught stealing at walmart. The office lady told us to put the stolen item on the table then told us to sit down. She called a deputy and he didn't do a bag search nor body search. He didn't hand cuffed or nor arrested us. He came took our id and run it. He then filled a Misedeamor Summons papers for the both of us, then make up finger print it and sign. The office lady then took picture of us then fill out some paper for database or whatever i don't really know. Then they gave it the yellow copy then release us. The officer told us that we will get a letter for court date and such.. I need advice and help. What will happen? I told this story to a few people i know, they said that it sound like they were scaring us and giving us a warning.... I don't see how?

I forgot, The office lady also told my friend that her boss would have to call my friend's boss about him stealing.. i don't get that part..

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If you received a court date, then its not just a warning. You should consider retaining an attorney ASAP (or applying for a public defender). An attorney may be able to resolve the case without a conviction going on your record, but it does sound like this is a real, and therefore a serious, criminal case.


The officer is correct you will receive a notice to appear in court either thru the mail or by service of the sheriff. In Louisiana when a person commits an misdemeanor offense the officer has the discretion to formally arrest the person or issue a misdemeanor citation. You may want to retain an attorney to determine if you are eligible for pre-trial diversion.

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