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McDonald's sold me a contaminated bottled beverage on 10/22/13. Do I have a case? Please help.

Atlanta, GA |

Yesterday I went to McDonald for lunch and ordered a meal and substituted my drink for bottled water. They gave me bottled water and when I opened it, it seemed as if the seal had already been opened based on how easy it was to open. Me being thirsty from having my meal I took a sip and immediately recognized that hey this isn't water this is Sprite. I then realized McDonald's had sold me a contaminated bottled beverage and I want to see if I have a case against them. I called the police and was rushed to the nearest hospital by ambulance because I was so afraid that something harmful may have been put in the bottle. I need to be advised on what I need to do next because that is really unacceptable and to make matters worse the Manager tried to make light of the situation. Please help.

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There are several issues here, but I think the most important is your damages. Fortunately, it sounds like you weren't hurt. However, to consider litigating a case, you must have enough damages to support the cost of the litigation. It sounds like you may have an ambulance bill and trip to the ER, but that is not going to be enough to warrant litigation. I am sorry you had a bad experience.


Get yourself checked out by your family doctor. Do you still have any symptoms? Next, speak with an attorney. S/he will be in the best position to advise you of your rights. Good luck!

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Have them cover your ER bill. Submit the claim to them

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