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Maybe medical mal practice

Richmond, VA |

my mom passed away this morning, she had open heart surgery on may 20th, that went fine, she was moved to a rehab center 2 weeks ago, she was still in a lot of pain, I seen her yesterday at 6pm, the urse gave her some meds at 6pm, I wAS told that at 8 she was given vicoden, at 1130, she was found roaming the hallway a little loopy, so at 1230 the dr gave her tramadol and a Xanax at the same time, im wondering if she is already loopy, why are they shoving more pills in her, especially another pain pill mixed with an anxiety pill. she was clearly loopy from the pain meds so why the Xanax?????

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I'm am saddened by your loss. The situation you have described suggests the possibility of a medication overdose with or without airway compromise. I suggest you insist on an autopsy with tox screen. That should help you figure out what happened.

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what if I cant afford the 3500$ autopsy fee?


I am sorry for your loss. There are a lot of unanswered questions, and an autopsy would be the best way to determine the cause of death, and as Mr Girards indicated, a toxicology screen should be done. You should have a local malpractice attorney order the records and have them reviewed. If the attorney feels an expert review is warranted, the attorney can hire an expert, and that is the only definitive way to know whether you have a case.


Sorry about your mother. Consult with a local medical malpractice attorney.


I am sorry for your loss. However, in order to pusue a malpractice case the question must be what did it cause? Are you saying that the medicine that made her loopy led to her death? Open heart surgery is a big deal. There are many reasons that she might have passed. Suggest you get an autopsy if you think that it is related.


Get an autopsy and a local malpractice lawyer to investigate.


I am very sorry to hear about your mother. Our law firm investigates Virginia medical malpractice claims, and the first step is gathering some more information from you about your mother's medical status. Please feel free to contact us at (540) 985-0098.


In order to best understand whether your mother’s care was appropriate you will likely need to know what caused her death. Although medication errors are common, the question in such a case is whether the medication error, if there was one, was the cause of the bad outcome. To that end, you may want to first inquire of your mother’s treating physicians what they believe caused her death. If an autopsy is to be performed the medical examiner’s report will provide very specific insight as to the cause of death. Once you know the cause of death, you can begin to work backward in order to assess whether the course of care your mother received resulted in her untimely death. Of course, you should be careful to retain your mother’s medical records and any notes you make regarding your conversations with your mother’s treating physicians.

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