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May I open an IRA accountwhile on SSDI

La Marque, TX |

I recently learned that SSDI is not considered retirement & payments can be identified as earned income (I pay taxes on 85% of ssdi).I have made contributions to my ROTH IRA with no penalties ,now I would like to open an individual IRA, is this possible?
Also at what age is my official retirement age 62 or 66, I was born in 1952


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In general, SSDI is not a resource or asset based program, so opening an IRA account should not have any effect on the SSDI eligibility or benefit level. If you are asking if you can open an IRA while getting SSDI and take an income tax deduction for the IRA contribution, then this should also be possible if you meet the other requisite criteria for the IRA contribution and income tax deduction.

There is no term "official retirement age" used in Social Security. "Early retirement" is Social Security retirement taken at any point before "full retirement" age. Early retirement will not apply in the case of an individual receiving SSDI as that individual will continuing receiving SSDI (assuming no medical improvement, no incarceration, etc.) until that individual's full retirement age. For an individual born in 1952, the full retirement age is at 66 years old.

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I opened an ira account thank you rick

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