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May I appeal unemployment for eligibility?

Orlando, FL |

Applied for unemployment assistance Nov 7th 2012; From Nov 25th to Dec 15th I did not give work search information (3 weeks); Was given a call from the agency and I explained the situation in detail and I was told that I would not be given a delay in unemployment, and that I would be allowed my excuses. One day I called the agency and a girl began telling me that I didn't file and "What was the reason" and then the call was disconnected or transferred and I was not able to get back on the phone with them. The girl had no information that I had given or any notes of the phone call that I had with them at that time..Now it has been determined that I am ineligible for unemployment and that if unless I appeal I must repay what has been given to me. Do I appeal because I had court each week?

The first week was only 3 days which they wanted work search information for.. I had lost my job and needed to appeal child support and drove twice to another county for that on that week. The second week I had court with DCF and had been applying for jobs through email and websites but found it hard to get any information of jobs I applied for because the job post was taken down or I was not sent an email from them or the websites did not show the jobs I applied for. Then week three I had court in another county and that week had sent emails for jobs and also applied for jobs through websites and should have had enough jobs but could not find out what jobs I applied and by that time I had moved my brother into my residence which allowed me to move back in with my folks. This was explained, and I diligently searched for work I did not have the experience of adding work search information to know what information I needed and this secluded many jobs for information apparently missing from employment websites.

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You definitely can appeal the denial of your unemployment benefits. Although you can do this yourself, I highly recommend that you retain a local attorney to assist you with this.



They are looking for me to file 5 jobs every week: Two full weeks and one partial week of 3 days. Though I applied and have 4 documented, I am left with 11 jobs that I do not have documented. I am looking to know if there might be an exemption like court - moving - problems obtaining information to give as work search.


You can appeal he name of the ineligibility and should hire attorney to represent you. You didn't state whether you wrote down the name of the person who told you that you would be allowed the excuses. If you have the name of the person, it would be helpful to your case.


Yes. Must appeal with proper time frane