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Maternity leave benefits were revoked

Northborough, MA |

My wife was hired approx 3 years ago for a small company. She has a signed contract stating that if she was ever to have a baby she would get 8 weeks off with pay. A few months later they verbally said they changed it to 2 weeks but would "grandfather" her in to recieve 4 weeks(NOTHING in writing mind you!). We recently had a child and now they are making her jump through hoops for this money. They gave her 2 weeks and now are telling her that she must have a review to see if she has done a good job and if so they would give her a 2 week BONUS. This seems like they are doing something VERY illegal and unethical. We have had many arguments about this not to mention the stress of whether this money will ever get to us. SHe has also been getting ahard time from these people about her new status as part time. I think we have a legit gripe here and we deserve the money(if not more) that we were promised. What are your thoughts?

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Your wife is entitled to be paid according to employment contract.

The conduct of your wife's employer may violate the Massachusetts Wage Law, as well as certain state and federal laws which protect employees from discrimination on the basis of sex and pregnancy. The Massachusetts Wage Law provides strict penalties for employers who withhold pay from their employees.

You should contact an attorney immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact this office if you would like to schedule a consultation.