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MASSACHUSETTS: Child support worksheet. Line item breakdown.

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Do I put the entire cost of health insurance, or just the portion I pay for the child? So the full cost of the dental/vision/health plans, or just the fraction of it that goes to pay for the child? Also, what is "Other support obligation"? What can I include in that? Clothes? Cost of the extra rent from keeping a room for him? Gas from taking him to school? It's a little vague and I want to make sure I know what is considered to be "other support obligations."

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Technically you should only include the portion of insurance that covers the children on the child support worksheet. However, I routinely see people put the entire amount especially when they are covering the other spouse as well. Other child support obligations only refers to court ordered child support for children not of the current marriage/relationship.


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Attorney Mansur is correct and she is a great attorney, and as stated many people put the full amount down, it is like putting toothpaste back in the tube to calculate the difference, because you need it. take care.

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In order to understand what must or may be included or excluded from the Massachusetts Child Support Guideline worksheet, I suggest that your go to the government website that gives a clear explanation. The address is In summary, if either or both parents pay a health insurance premium, whether the children are covered or not, he/she may include that cost on the guideline worksheet. This means that if both parents incur a cost for health insurance, then both may include the premium cost on the worksheet whether or not the children are covered under the premium. On the other hand, the premium cost for dental and vision may only be included if the children are covered on these plans. It is also important to recognize that a judge reviewing this matter may deviate from the guidelines with a showing of unique or extraordinary circumstances. I recommend that you review the child support guideline explanation published by the court administration at the website I identified above, and also consult with a family law attorney regarding your situation.

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