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Maryland domestic violence laws

Laurel, MD |

My wife is filing false domestic violence charges against me. What do I tell the judge at our protective order hearing. I say it's false because we were both being violent. It was mutual. Do I say that we both were fighting or do i just deny it all together?

My wife has filed against me. She has told people since it is more for her anger with me over my comments about her not taking care of her health and sugar issues which she has translated into "I say she is fat" and that she in angry over that. I do agree we had an arguement, she was never touched, or threatened. What are my rights? Do I do to the final hearing, or just stay away all together? I do love her but do not want to be a pawn in this setting. Thank you.

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Tell the truth or say nothing. The fact that it was mutual is not enough to defeat a request for a protective order if the violence meets the statutory standard. The mutuality or violence does give you a right to get a protective order against your wife. Consider asking your wife to agree to a mutual stay away order by consent. She gets protection. You get protection. And, there is no court finding of domestic violence (because both parties consented to the order).