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Marrying disabled USC

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I am writing this question for my friend she doesn't speak English well, she just got married to a USC, he is deaf, she is not, and she barely knows the sign language , she is illegal now but came here on visa , she wants to hire an immigration lawyer to adjust her status , she is a little worried that they might give them a hard time because he is deaf , is this going to be a long process for her ?they love each other so much and willing to do anything for each other. and do they provide an interpreter at the interview ?

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USCIS should not give your friend's husband a hard time. The officers are prohibited from discrimination on the basis of one's disability. I agree with my colleague's time estimate, and yes, he would need to provide his own interpreter.

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The process takes about five to six months. The couple will have to take their own interpreter.

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They should meet with an immigration lawyer. They can get their questions answered when the meet with the attorney.

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They would not give them a hard time because he was deaf. Make sure she works with an attorney. My firm handles immigration matters and has successfully represented many disabled clients.
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