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I have lived in United states for 7-8 years. but i have left the country before turning 18, and i live in Republic of Georgia right now. I have an American boyfriend, we are in love and how do we get married? we want to live in United states. what are the fastest way for us to live together?

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He can sponsor you for a fiancee visa K-1 if you have physically met in the last 2 years and then once approved in 3-5 months you can then come to the US and must get married to him in 90 days and then he can file for your green card and this takes another 4-5 months here in the US.


He can sponsor you for a fiancee visa or you guys can get married and he can file I-130 and consular process you in here. regardless, your fiancee should meet with an experienced attorney to discuss options that best fit you in a lot more detail.

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He can file a fiancee petition for you, and once you obtain the fiancee visa you can travel to the US. You need to get married within 90 days, and then file for adjustment of status. That is probably the fastest way to do it.

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