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Marrying a US Citizen

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This is my situation , I entered US in 2002 , I applied for asylum 3 years after my arrival due to lack of information , after all the process my case was denied on 2008, I left the country because I didn´t want to be deported same year right now I´m living outside the US , now I´ve been told that I have a 10 year ban , don´t understand why ?
I´m divorced and my actual partner is a US Citizen, he wants to marry me and take my kids along.
Can someone explain what are my chances ? What do I need to do ? My kids and I already have SSN and got work permit once, but was not renewed due to my case was denied...
We want to be together but he wants me to live there !!
I appreciate all the information you can provide me in order for us to start the process !
Thank you

Hello , my fiancee has an offer job in Mexico, so if he accepted it I will be getting married right there instead in the US but my question is the process will be the same for me in order to go the US in the near future , I don´t know for how long it will be the stay at Mexico in case he decide to take the job. Appreciate your help

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You would qualify for a waiver on form I-601 if you can show extreme hardship to your USC spouse. Best recommendation is to contact an immigration lawyer to assist you with the waiver.

Best of luck.

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Ten year ban is because you stayed unlawfully for more than one year and then left.
Only if you can show EXTREME hardship to your US citizen relative would you be allowed back to US as an immigrant.

Richard Fleischer


This is to answer your added question. You were illegal because you did not hold legal immigration status while you were in USA. In other word, you violated immigration law. You may hold other permit, but if you don't have legal immigration status, those could be void or revoked.

You definitely should contact an immigration attorney for your situation.