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Married to USC waiting interview

Joplin, MO |

I'm married to USC and we waiting for our interview ,was wondering can I seek employment without having the work permit ? I haven't filed 1-485 yet coz I'm also on removal proceedings due to termination if my F-1 student visa . I don't have state ID nor drivers license and things are getting hard and harder for us to survive without me working . I have SSN but it's not for employment . What should I do ? Can I just risk and work ?

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Working without employment authorization is not a bar to an application for adjustment based on marriage to a United States citizen. However, what you write on the I-9 is something that you should be concerned about. How an employer will be willing to hire you without employment authorization is another problem. Good luck.

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Hi hope that you are well. If you don't have work authorization then you can't work in the US legally. That stated, you should talk to an immigration attorney about the specifics of your case. There might be something that could be done. Best of luck to you!


You really should be working with and discussing this issue privately with your attorney.

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