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Married in hi reside in nv 12 yrs seperated 7 hus back in mexico how can i finally get this divorce dont know where he is ?

Las Vegas, NV |

he was in jail last 8 yrs he was supposed to help me get this divorce over and done with however they deported him so now no contact i just want to get this over and done with how can i start this .

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This isn't really an immigration matter. But I am also licensed in Nevada and can give legal advice on family law, too. You can serve him by publication and enter a default judgment against him if he cannot be served. It will take a few months to do and be more expensive than a joint petition or uncontested divorce where he would sign the papers, but it can be done.


Get a family law attorney, They know that the requirements are for service him with papers.

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Yep, family attorney is necessary. You can file for divorce where you live and have him served where he is. Could be a little tricky because it's international. If he doesn't respond or appear (which he can't do because of physical limitations), you'll probably be able to take a default order against him.

Again, talk to a family law attorney who has experience with international matters.

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