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Married for 2 months in NC, I live in TN and it is being annulled in NC. Is it necessary for me to show up at the hearing?

Waynesville, NC |

Married a jerk and prior to becoming a couple, I did a lot of work on his house for him with promise of payment. Married and finished the work up. He filed false domestic violence report and had me kicked out right after the work was done. Stole money from me and some tools. Is this something that I address at annulment hearing or is it for small claims. Need to know ASAP and this is in Waynesville, NC, Haywood County. Was kicked out in cold, street and flat broke due to his lie on the domestic violence complaint which I never did anything to him.

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There are way too many issues going on her. The very first question is whether you need to show up to your annulment hearing. The answer is yes . . . especially because I don't think the hearing is for an annulment. Annulments in NC are incredibly limited. What makes you think this is an annulment hearing? Do you have attorneys? Why did you tag prenuptial? What happened to the domestic violence charges? Why do you say he stole money and tools from you? Chances are the money was his through marital property. The first thing to do is figure out how the marriage is going to end (annulled or by divorce). If it is ending by divorce, you can handle the money owed through a separation agreement. By the way, DO NOT LIE to get an annulment . . . that would be a felony.

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