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Marriage in Vegas vs Marriage in California

Los Angeles, CA |

I want to know what would be difference of getting married in Vegas comparing to getting married in CA? and what is the difference after, in case of divorce?
Is Prenuptial Agreement applicable in Vegas? If so, When it should be signed before or after?

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Vegas marriages are equally valid as a California marriage. The requirements for a legal marriage in either State are basically the same: a marriage license, a pronouncement of marriage by someone legally authorized to do so, and usually at least one witness. A marriage in one State will be recognized in any other State as long as it was valid in the State where it was performed (except possibly a same-sex marriage).
Prenuptial agreements are different. If you want a prenuptial, and you want it to be enforceable, then you better contact a very knowledgeable and qualified family law attorney long before your expected wedding.
If you already got married, you can also enter into a postnuptial agreement, but again, you will need an attorney for that.
Whether it is pre or post, your spouse will also need his or her own attorney.