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Marriage fraud turned into love

New York, NY |

i married to this woman so she can get the green card later it turned into mutual love ,
but we never lived together later she got temp resident allien card 4 months later I dropped my pettion for her and i admitted to CIS it was a marriage fraud and gave them very strong proof text msgs and e mails etc,mean while she tried to get a restraing order but she lost it in a month i am getting divorce degree and marrieg is less than 2 years ! i also pushed for marriege fraud investigators to come after us they are yet to investigate! what happens to her and me now?

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Simple answer - deportation/removal and criminal charges.

You need to consult with a criminal attorney and have one ready if and when you are charged for your part in the fraud.

It is a little unclear why if you state that it turned into "mutual love" you never resided with her and established a true marriage. But these are things you are going to have to discuss with your attorney.

Good luck.



he is been threating me for 2 years,i never believed him,because we were together,only he was working at city he wasnt home every day,i got msjs from him,like i ilove you ,then i ll sent you back to your country then i cant live without you like that.I waited him so long ( i had to abortion 3 times)to be stabled,now i gave up.he is love sick,control maniac and sick person.i am his wife anyway.I wish i never known him.he ruined my life and still.


I agree with Mr. Taylor.

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Consult with an attorney as soon as possible


Marriage fraud is a federal crime taken very seriously by both ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and the U.S. Attorney's Office (Federal prosecutors). The U.S. Attorney's Office can go after both the non-U.S. Citizen and the U.S. Citizen. Marriage fraud can also have serious immigration consequences for the non-U.S. Citizen. Before talking to any law enforcement, immigration enforcement agents , or other government agents, you should consult with an attorney who practices both criminal and immigration law.

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